The Lab is going to close down :( Our last event is on 22.5. Do come by before then to say Hi and Bye.
BUT BUT BUT, we are going to remain active and will soon announce funky and nice events on various locations in Basel and neighborhood. So keep in touch. Or even better, send us your name and email and you will be added to our mailing list.
In the meantime:
  • Stay safe
  • Stay healthy
  • Stay sane AND
  • Stay funky
CAFE            Where the coffee-machine is always on.
BAR              Where saints meet sinners.
REPUBLIC    Capital of The Independent Funky Republic of The Lab.
PRIORITIES  Only good stuff from the closest source at a fair price.
STORIES      Everything has a story to tell.
MUSIC         First came the sound then came the funk.
EVENTS      Maybe it happened, maybe it didn't.
FOOD          Dinner is served everyday, between 19.00 and 20.00 and you
                     pay as much as you like.
                     But we always have the best Hummus on this side of the Alps.
DRINKS       They say drinking doesn't help and they are absolutely right.
                     But we are not here to help, nor to make it easy for you.
                     We do funky cocktail-shots though.
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Opening hours


these crazy times:

Tuesdays 16.00-24.00

Wednesdays 16.00-24.00

Thursdays 16.00-24.00

Fridays 16.00-1.00

Saturdays 18.00-1.00

The Lab

Spitalstrasse 32

4056 Basel

We support art and artists

If nothing else, Corona crisis has taught us that culture is essential and it has to be respected and nourished.

We also believe that currently the idea that culture should be free and artists can live on peanuts and love alone should be challenged. Thus as a respected venue, we see it as our pleasure to treat artists the bestest we can.

In order to do so, there will be a ticketing system for some events:

  • Normal: CHF 15-25 depending on the event,

  • Members/students: CHF 10.

  • Patron seats: 5 seats are reserved for our beloved patrons or other lucky guests who can come in for free. 

  • Walk-ins: Some seats will also be available for sale at the door.

(The ticketing system applies only to some events. See Program)​


We kindly ask you to book your seat in advance even when an event is for free.

We hope you agree with us.

See you all very very soon