A Lab, short for laboratory, is a place for


And that is our main purpose: To experiment - to mix up music with art, and artistic expressions, in a café setting.


Our Aim:
  • To make you know that if you are not at The Lab, you have missed out of something;

  • To be synonym with quality in whatever we do;

  • To be a non-complicated place where you can be you, have your space, enjoy it and gain a new memory; and

  • No compromises.


  • To provide a space for experimentation with sound, visions and taste;

  • To offer a divers program including: art, music, talks, performances and any other creative way you can imagine of;

  • To offer top acts, exclusive drinks and the best hummus on this side of the Alps;

  • To offer affordable exclusivity;

  • To continue with our "The Lab Experience" for our performers, also money-wise.

In order to make sure that the above promises are met and we follow all health instructions

  • we are going to limit the number of guests for our events:

    • Some tickets are pre-sold on-line for CHF 15-25, depending on the event;

    • some seats are reserved for our members and students for CHF 10;

    • some seats are reserved for our dear Patrons and some lucky guests for free;

    • Rest of the tickets are available for walk-ins with different prices depending on the event.


And you:

can help us by becoming a Member or a Patron.

Contact us if you have a question.



You can also book our rehearsal room, office, the cafe for your own experiments.

AND, if you have  any suggestions or ideas for events or themes or if you want to rent the place for a private event, please don't hesitate to contact us.