Become a member and support our artistic work:

Our aim is to be the place for the most interesting music and art in Basel. And as a respect to artists and musicians, we aim to provide them with the best conditions that we can afford. But realising these aims requires your help and support. Therefore, we add 50 Rp. on all drinks and food which goes directly to our art/music work. You can also become a member, then 

  • All Concerts and events are free for the members

  • You won't be paying the

50 Rp. extras on drinks and

food (Kulturfranken),

  • Get a monthly newsletter,

  • You'll be the first to know what is going on and can reserve a table for that event.

  • You also get invited to pre-openings of our exhibitions, where you can meet the artist(s), AND

  • Twice a year you get invited to members-only events, to which you can bring a guest along.


The first event for our members will be on 22.3 with the great

"Fucking Beautiful",

who are going to rock

The Lab.


Yearly membership:

Opening-Special March/April CHF 25.00

Normal: CHF 50.00

Artists/students: CHF 25.00

Well done: CHF 100.00

Company members: Contact us

You can become member of

The Lab family next time you visit us.