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The Independent Funky Republic of The Lab is one of the official stops of The Mothership in the Solar system. Date of independence: 27.6.2020.

The Constitution

§1. There are rules to this madness.
§2. Everybody has the right to some luxury. Luxury shall represent quality in all its aspects (The principle of Good-shiet), be from the nearest source (The principle of Closeness) at an ok price (The principle of Fun'nFair).
§3. The four elements of life: fun, love, respect and enjoyment, shall be incorporated in whatever we do and however we do it (The principle of Single-Undertaking).
§4. Everything shall be subject to experimentation.
§5. Nothing but a party (principle of Mothership connection).
§6. Everybody and everything has the right to be a little different (principle of Variation).
§7. We shall all take it easy (principle of Dude abides).

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